Your Vision Is Our Purpose.
Your Success Is Our Goal.

We help bring digital marketing clarity, guidance and support to Speakers, Coaches, Consultants & Business Owners, so you can thrive and never lose sight of the future you want to achieve.

Are you overwhelmed with all the marketing information online that you don’t know what to prioritize?

Do you feel like you are a prisoner of your own business because you don’t have the clarity and the marketing guide that you need to know what works best for you?

Be free of stress and anxiety from all these. Pursue your passion and your growth while we bring guidance and support.

Even the greatest individuals who changed the world needed some help. We understand the challenges of running a business. There are a million little tasks needed to get done and so little time to do it.

We can help you have clarity and bring marketing guidance to your business, so you can never lose sight of the future you want to achieve. Let us be your helping hand in building your dreams and reaching your success. So you can be the obvious choice in your industry and build a thriving business.


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We help simplify your business journey by giving you an All-In-One platform for all your marketing needs.
Great Work Online - An Online Team You Can Trust

We Are An Extension Of Your Business

Building your business doesn’t have to be difficult. When you have the right partner with you everything can be achievable.

With Great Work Online, you have Pam and David as your marketing guide, especially now that having an online presence is an important key to reach a wide range of audience. We ensure that you can take your business to the next level and, together with our digital marketing team of experts, you can focus on what you do best – a Hands Off CEO, loving your time-freedom and having a thriving business.

As we would always say, “Focus on your strength and Delegate the rest.”

Let us help you build a thriving business.

Our 3-step plan


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Your Roadmap To A Thriving Business

When you’re overwhelmed and want
to scale ….. We’re here for you!



60 min zoom call for project prioritization assessment


Ad Hoc tasks. Price depends on the type of project.


Let’s help you build a thriving business.
If you are making $5k+ USD a month this is for you

Your Guide To Delegating

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We customize a program that is especially made for you based on your needs and your budget without compromising the quality of work, so you can get more value for every dollar spent.

Timelines Efficacy

Our digital marketing team of experts submit quality deliverables on time to ensure that great work online is churned out round the clock.

A Game Changer

We serve as your marketing guide and provide you with the help you need in every area of your digital marketing to ensure you’re only executing the best practices that will take your business to the next level. This way you can focus on what matters most – time-freedom, because your ultimate goal is to achieve work-life balance.

Access to
Top Talents

We have a team of experts with extensive digital marketing experience dedicated to help you succeed.

Janis Ivory

There are A LOT of steps and intricacies with what this job scope entails, and he is just amazing and has taken a lot off of my plate.

We Are Here For You!

We all have the freedom to dream big and set grand goals. Often, great dreams require great work. But not everybody has the freedom to do the work necessary to meet their goals. We are here to give you the marketing guide that you need and empower you by easing some of the load off your shoulders.

  • We can help pave the way to your success into one that is less cluttered and more ogranized. Depending on your needs and your goals, we will provide you with the guidance (with much hand holding needed) based on the best practices for all your digital marketing plans and campaigns.
  • Let us overcome the tedious hurdles for you so you can focus your time and energy to aim higher and thrive. Spend time on things that matter to you without compromising your mission and your vision. Have more time with your family, build client relationships, and watch your business scale.
  • Achieve your great dreams with the collaboration of Pam and David’s expertise and our team’s great work.

We are a team you can trust. An extension of your business.

Together, let’s help build you a thriving business.

We are your marketing guide expert


As the CFO and Co-Founder of Great Work Online and the Founder and Owner of Accountific (a bookkeeping service for Canadian business owners), I have a strong background in accounting and finance. However, I believe that it is the relationships I have built with my clients that have truly contributed to our success.

At Great Work Online and Accountific, we are fully committed to providing the highest level of service to every client we serve. Our dedication is evident in the speed, quality, and accuracy of our work, which we strive to deliver consistently on a daily basis. We believe that this dedication to excellence is what sets us apart and helps us to build long-term, successful relationships with our clients.

Great Work Online - An Online Team You Can Trust


As the CEO and Co-founder of Great Work Online, I have 14 years of experience in digital marketing and project management. This expertise allows me to understand the needs of our clients, be the marketing guide and provide them with the high-quality service they expect.

At Great Work Online, we pride ourselves on being an extension of our clients’ companies, working tirelessly to help them achieve their goals. We have a talented team of digital marketing experts who are dedicated to the success of our clients and are constantly seeking opportunities to help them grow and thrive.

I am proud of the impact we have had on our clients and our digital marketing team who contribute their amazing talents. Together, we work to create opportunities for all parties involved and strive to build long-term, successful relationships with our wonderful clients.





And Because We Want To Serve You Better, Great Work Online and Accountific partnered to help our Canadian food business owners with bookkeeping + guidance in financing.

You don’t have to do it alone. We got you covered.