It’s just another day at the office.  You are at your desk by 7am and call it a day at around 7pm.

But the moment you get home, you know that you will still check and reply to email or do some back reading.

Easily…another 2 hours spent for work…at home.

That leaves you 10 hours for personal stuff, errands, chores, family time, social obligations, leisure and sleep.

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Not enough time in a day, huh?

A new and growing business practice phenomenon is worth exploring.

Office tasks or projects can be outsourced!

Outsourcing can free up a lot of your executive time instead of spending your time doing non-executive tasks.

Studies have shown that businesses that outsource, experienced growth and increased profitability.

Apart from outsourcing repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks, you can hire a virtual assistant, who is an expert in a particular field.

Outsourcing tasks to a remote team may be a good option especially if you don’t have the time or expertise to do the task themselves.

Work to outsource to virtual assistants or a remote team are:

  • Writing articles or content
  • Web design or Graphic Design or Web Development or Mobile App Development
  • Accounting, timekeeping, bookkeeping or payroll management
  • Administrative tasks, Email Management
  • Transcription
  • Software Engineering or IT work
  • Research
  • Social Media Marketing

Benefits of outsourcing:

  • Saves you money because you do not have to pay virtual assistants or a remote team a full-time salary, federal taxes, paid vacation days, training, education, office space and equipment
  • Saves you time, so you can focus on growing the business
  • Small business stands a better chance in the playing field because you can hire skilled and talented virtual assistants at reasonable prices to produce competitive and quality work or output
  • You have access to a global talent pool, 24/7
  • Business can experience increase in innovation, efficiency and productivity when you hire professional and highly-skilled virtual assistants
  • There is no need for you to train virtual assistants because they are experts in their field
  • Outsourcing allows you flexibility to scale up or down depending on your current business needs

How to start outsourcing:

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  • When your business requires specific talents or an experienced freelancer, look for a trustworthy and reliable Outsourcing Provider who can find your required talent from their global pool of professional freelancers.
  • Choose your virtual assistant to handle one-time or small projects like writing, editing, transcription, accounting, customer service, copywriting, SEO, web content, website design, video development, mobile app creation to front-end and back-end engineering tasks from Online Freelancing Platforms like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, or TopTal.
  • Outsource your remote team for larger or on-going projects from Large Scale Service Providers that can provide full service technology solutions, strategy, consulting, digital and operations like Accenture for communications, media and technology, financial services, health and public service, and products and resources; Cognizant for banking and financial services, consumer goods, communications, education, energy and utilities, healthcare, information services, manufacturing, media and entertainment, retail, technology, transportation and logistics and travel and hospitality; ITC Infotech for retail, consumer packed goods, manufacturing, banking, financial and insurance, high-tech, hospitality or airlines; Trigent Software for end-to-end product engineering and Saas product development for e-commerce or law; or Sykes for customer contact management, inbound call support  for financial services, communications and media, technology, healthcare, or retail and travel.

When you are able to finally outsource your virtual assistant or remote team, you will find more time on your hands to pursue what you really want to do to grow your business.

Even better, you have more time for you to spend living a happy and healthy life.

For your outsourcing needs, make sure you find a dependable and trustworthy outsourcing service provider.

Find out through Great Work Online, where outsourcing is made simple.

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