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Well organized business entrepreneurs usually start the day with a To Do List.

A simple list could be categorized into work related and personal. It is time-bound.

If they are driven and multi-taskers, the list gets longer and there is the compelling need to tick off tasks at the soonest possible time.

For some goal oriented, budget conscious, and self-reliant business owners, filling up the list can be challenging, let alone the multiple tasks that need to be done.

The thought of getting help comes to mind, especially when obligatory administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, reading and answering email or customer service get in the way with urgent business demands.

Still, there are business owners who resist giving in to the need to delegate and continue to operate the business by themselves or with minimum help.

Here are some common reasons for both established or start up entrepreneurs why they don’t outsource:

Timing Concerns – “It’s too early in the business to hire additional employees. Sales projections are not expected to go up until next year.”

Need for Full Control. “If I want the job done right, I am the best one to do it.”

Trust Issues. “I have personal and confidential information I do not want other people to know about.”

Micro Management. “It is my attention to details that my clients appreciate.”

Skilled and Competent Employees. “It’s hard to find suitable employees. My standards are high.”

Employment Issues and Benefits. “It’s tedious to hire or fire employees.”

Productivity = Extended Working Hours. “I feel very productive by putting in at least 18 hours of work on any given day.”

Budget and Cost Considerations. – “Employee salaries eat up my budget. I would rather vspend it on inventory, which I can turn into quick profit.”

There are probably a hundred more valid reasons.

But there is always the other side of the coin.

There is a growing interest in a business practice allowing business owners to focus on growing their business and increasing productivity by outsourcing virtual assistants. Added benefit is being able to manage costs resulting to increased profitability. There is also the extra treat of being able to have more time to pursue the lifestyle most busy people dream about.

Now could be a good time to create a different kind of list. This should be easy. It is introspective. If you think of yourself as “the best man for the job” and you are given the chance to replicate yourself, which specific and unique skills, traits, work attitude, work ethics or habits do you possess? Do you have complimentary skills you wish you had for you to run your business more efficiently? Doubling your efforts could result to doubling or even surpassing your usual output.

Who could your alter ego be? Is there a “mini me” somewhere out there?

What would you do if there is a source that can assist you find efficient, qualified, and trustworthy virtual assistants who can do daily, repetitive but necessary tasks for you according to your standards or preferences and is even cost effective?

What action would you take if a virtual assistant could free you of a chunk of your valuable time spent on daily operations, so you can focus on generating more business?

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