One of the niche markets that we like to work in is working with coaches and speakers. We will talk a little bit about that specific niche, and why coaches hire a remote team, and what a remote team can do for a busy speaker or busy coach.

We have different and specific things that we can do for a lot of our clients in general, but specifically towards coaches. We’ll give you some ideas, whether you’re a coach or a speaker or another entrepreneur, just some kind of idea of the things that having a remote team can do to help in business.

We’re going to walk you through some of the tasks or projects that we can delegate to our remote team.

Hiring a Remote Team vs Hiring One Freelancer / Virtual Assistant

Most of our clients, just like what David said, are coaches and speakers. Because they’re so busy with what they do, most of the time they are out and do a lot of conferences and speaking gigs. They don’t have the time or the bandwidth to talk to each of the team members that’s why they prefer having a team. And with great work online, we provide project managers so they can have a single-point-of-contact person that they need to talk to. Not like – all right, I’m going to have a meeting with the virtual assistant who’s doing my social media, or the freelancer who’s doing my graphic design stuff, or my web developer who’s doing, you know…

The reason why they like having a team is that they just have one person to talk to, and that is the project manager. The project manager is the one collaborating with the rest of the team members. And the most important thing there is that, being a coach or a speaker, you can’t do it alone. You need to have a team behind you.

We will talk about the conference that we’ve been to. We were speakers at that conference. And we mentioned there that we won’t be able to do it or say yes to this conference if we don’t have a team behind us. So, we were there as speakers and we have a team behind us working on the projects that we left behind because we were at the event. So the same thing applies to our clients now, especially coaches and speakers. That is one of the reasons why they want to have a team.

The conference was for two days. We met dozens and dozens and dozens of people like all the other speakers. There were hundreds of people in the audience and a number of those came to our booth wanting to get in touch with us and give us their information. It would have taken us weeks or months to have found enough time to follow up with all of those people. And it was an easy project for us to give to the team to follow up with all of those people that we had met.

Connecting is easy because it would only take a few minutes to connect with them on LinkedIn, but with the other tasks that are integrated with connecting with them – like the email marketing stuff, the community management stuff for social media, and things like that – Coaches and Speakers are the ones who have the most need in digital marketing. Now that we are all in a digital world, they have so many projects that they need to work on or take care of, and they get to it by themselves.

Tasks that You Can Delegate to Your Remote Team

1. Social Media Management

David is now back in Canada he’s got three speaking gigs that he’s preparing for, one for his mortgage business and one is for great work online for educating the audience on what is outsourcing. Before he gets to the point of talking to this audience, behind the scenes, there are tasks that he needs to delegate to the team.  One of those is social media management. We need to promote this conference, or event to social media.

So, David would talk about how he was able to make this work –

In one of the events, I’m one of the organizers. So even if I wasn’t a speaker necessarily at it, I would still have some responsibilities for filling up a room, getting the word out there on different platforms, and making sure we get lots of people coming in. But the other two events, I’m a guest in somebody else’s meet up, in somebody else’s seminar. And as the organizer there, they kind of have the responsibility to promote it and do that. But I also want to make sure that people in my mailing list, people in my sphere of influence are aware of these events so that they have the opportunity to attend.

Speaking events like this are really a symbiotic thing for both people, for the organizer and for the speakers that are coming in. It’s to both of our advantages to fill a room. And as a speaker, I get access to the organizer’s mailing list, and the organizer gets access to my mailing list by having me as a speaker. So, we’re really helping each other build our businesses. And I want to make sure that I don’t just duplicate what the organizer has done and put that out to my mailing list. I want to make sure that the message that’s going out in the content and graphics are personalized and match with what my marketing materials look like so that I have that consistent look.

I just met with my project manager a couple of hours ago to get those projects going for these speaking events later this month. And there’s no way I would… I don’t have the skills to do that. I don’t have the time to do that. And one of the things you kind of alluded to it that having a team with a project manager heading can save a client a lot of time. And in this instance, I’m a client. I would be creating a full-time job for myself if I had to connect with a graphic artist, if I had to connect with a copywriter, or if I had to connect with a virtual assistant to do the posting on social media.

It would take so much time for me to connect with all those individual people and then make sure that the graphic artist was talking to the other people. Having a complete team there, it was a 10-minute meeting that I had with my project manager a couple of hours ago and everything’s taken care of. So it, it really shows the power of having that complete setup. Not just, I run into people all the time – Oh yeah I outsource, I’ve got up, you know, I’ve got a VA that does this, and I’ve got a graphic artist and I’ve got a web developer and I’ve got all these things – and I’m like – How do you manage those people? Like where do you find the time? – And it’s a big thing.

Social Media Management is huge for speakers and coaches. Uh, it’s the way of keeping your mailing list, apprised of where you’re speaking, what you’re speaking about, and making sure that people are aware of it and have the opportunity to attend those events.

And I think it boils down to – You can’t do it on your own, you can’t do it alone. You have to learn to delegate. And I guess it’s one of the bottlenecks, learning how to delegate and learning how to let go of control. But that can be learned over time. And this is why having a, having a team, having a project manager, is one step into making all these things happen.

2. Website Management

When you are promoting any event, you would like to also promote that and put that on your website. And you meddling inside your WordPress on your website can be dangerous. Maybe you’re going to think – I know I kind of like know something in WordPress. It’s just a two-word edit.

No. You can mess up some for some reason. When we were starting out, I like to do things on my own because before I delegate some tasks to my team, I would like to know what task I’m delegating to. Having the mindset that – it’s just a minor edit, it’s just a copy edit one or two words. I can manage that. – would end up messing the call to action button, the look or the color, the function of the call-to-action. And delegating that website management, even if it’s a very minor edit that you need to work on, you have to delegate that. That’s one thing that you can pass on to your team.

3. Email Management

When you are promoting an event, email marketing is still very much alive. And I can say that your main goal is to come up with a copy. Of course, you can outsource this to a copywriter, but then again, you need to feed the information to the copywriter. Distributing that copy or that email to your CRM, to whatever email marketing tool that you’re using, is still a tedious task. That is something that you don’t need to spend so much time on.

If you are tight in your budget and you’re a one-man team, that is something that you need to invest in. It’s not an expense, but a good investment because your best asset is your time. If a copywriter or a virtual assistant who knows how to deal with a CRM or with your email marketing team, who can do it in less than an hour, then that is a good investment. If you know that you’re still going to learn how to navigate in that tool and will take you about two to three hours to figure it out, that’s a waste of your time. So that is one thing that you can delegate to.

4. Content Research and Creation

In Great Work Online, we’ve got SEO specialists. That is a person who helps us with research. I myself do some research as well. Maybe for minor types of research, you can delegate that to a virtual assistant to your team.

5. Webinars and Speaking Engagements Support

Having a team to help you with that is very important. We’ve experienced this when we were at the conference. When I did my presentation slide, I was given a very short time, it was 30 minutes. I already know what I’m going to talk about so I did my presentation slide. But for some that are very busy and don’t have the time, and would like to make their presentations look good, then that is something that you can ask your team to help you out.

Some graphics, maybe you’re going to give away some flyers, that is the support that you can have. Our team, our project manager, our SEO specialists, two of our project managers were there to support us. There were some people who signed up for an offer for a free masterclass that we offered at that conference. So, they were there to help us out. So that is something that we can guarantee.

We are lucky because the conference was held in the Philippines that’s why we’ve got the support that we need from our team. They were there to support us. But it doesn’t have to be a physical kind of support, especially if you have a remote team or a distributed team. Having that support that you need when you have a speaking engagement is really, really big. You can’t do it on your own.

Hopefully, this been able to give a bit of an idea of some different tasks. And I think we’ll be repeating similar topics like this to give specific examples, just to help people get into their mind of exactly what sort of tasks and things are easy to outsource to free up some time.

If you are a coach or a speaker, don’t hesitate to reach out and get some help. You want to look legit and professional all throughout your branding – from your slides, from your flyers, from your business card. And bottom line is, you can’t do it on your own. You have to delegate, and you have to build a team. Whether you have a coach, whether you have just one team member, which is a virtual assistant, or a project manager, it is still part of your team. It is still part of your business. And learning how to delegate and learning how to outsource will definitely help you as a coach and a speaker to scale your business by having that support team.

If got any value out of it, let us know. We love to get your reviews.  And if you have some ideas that you would like us to talk about with regards to building a team or what type of tasks you want to outsource, let us know, and we will be happy to talk about it.