Picture this — Coconut palm trees stretched along a white sandy beach, the wide blue ocean as far as the eyes can see, the sea and the salty breeze blows by as you sip a refreshingly cool tropical coconut drink, while you swing lazily on a hammock in an island somewhere in the Pacific.

The sound of the waves mesmerizes you and suddenly, your device alerts you of a message from your office thousands of miles away.

You glance at the notification and smile.

Everything is running smoothly as if you were physically at the office taking care of business.

When you have your remote dream team on board, composed of professional and trusted virtual assistants, you come to appreciate how outsourcing offers you this freedom.

Not only that, technology has given business owners flexibility with software tools to better manage your remote team from wherever you are and at all times of the day and time zones.

Top Tools for Managing your Remote Team

Software tools help entrepreneurs run tasks such as handling documentation and data storage, timekeeping, accounting, organizing workflow, analyzing business metrics, managing projects, and conducting online real-time business meetings with virtual assistants.

Busy business owners can monitor the progress of their virtual team and their assigned tasks easily, at any time and from anywhere.

Here are 8 tools to use when it comes to running a remote team.

1. Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com

A virtual storage software for files, photos, videos, etc., from your computer or through the cloud. This has a larger storage space than Google Drive.

2. Fantastical https://flexibits.com/fantastical

A calendar app like Google Calendar. It automatically adjusts events per time zones and easily integrates with other software. It understands words like meeting and automatically creates calendar events.

3. Guiding Metrics https://guidingmetrics.com

This is a software dashboard on real-time business results (number of email subscribers, social media followers, revenue vs cost, sales per source, etc.). It automatically consolidates, summarizes and reports on data from a wide range of sources.

4. Gusto https://gusto.com

Gusto automates payroll, accounting, timekeeping, benefits, HR, etc.

5. HelloSign https://hellosign.com
Online platform for sending, signing and tracking contracts.

6. Slack https://slack.com

Online collaboration platform where you and your virtual team communicate, share files and tools through multiple channels

7. Wrike https://www.wrike.com

A project management tool for your virtual team where you can plan, assign tasks, manage workflows, projects, and timelines.

8. Zoom https://zoom.us

A cloud-based video communications service for online meetings, video conferencing and sharing files.

You will never run out of online tools to help you manage your remote team of virtual assistants and business operations.

Spending time on a tropical island isn’t a bad idea. It may even inspire you to create your next project.

After all, your business and remote team are just a click away.

Outsourcing is the next step.

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