Overwhelm. All of us experience this at one time or another.  

Even babies feel this especially when too many people are around vying for attention.

Entrepreneurs experience overwhelm. Some probably do—on a daily basis.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, a lot more can be accomplished to meet a company’s objectives and goals, without breaking the bank.

How? —through outsourcing.

Work can be outsourced to skilled and professional virtual assistants or remote team.  

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Virtual assistants can handle project tasks such as administrative support, content creation, web design and development, writing, graphic design, research and specialized tasks like software or app development.

To maximize the benefits of outsourcing, read on to learn how to effectively manage a virtual assistant or a remote team:

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  1. Define the scope of work and timeline. <The scope of work and timelines you require for a project must be clearly defined.This will be your guide in determining which specific competencies and experience you will require from a virtual assistant.  Likewise, this will guide your virtual assistants on what is expected from them and the necessary details to accomplish a task/li>
  2. Evaluate your choices carefully.Selecting a virtual assistant requires careful evaluation. It is like hiring a full-time employee.  Check references. Ask questions, discuss concerns and engage them in a relevant discussion.
  3. Ensure your final choice is the perfect fit.Make sure that your virtual assistant possesses the specific skills and actual experience to handle the job.
  4. Decisions should not be based on price alone.Find a good balance between price vis-à-vis value and quality of work to be rendered.
  5. Review portfolio and validate sample work.Apart from reviewing a virtual assistant’s portfolio, make sure to validate sample work if it is up to par.However, make sure you pay for actual sample work, to be fair.
  6. Assign easy or simple task or project at the onset.This will give you a clearer picture of your virtual assistant’s working style and quality of work.  You will know if they can handle larger tasks.
  7. Set up a progress billing system.To best manage deliverables and ensure deadlines and quality of work are met, schedule payments based on accomplishments or per delivered output.
  8. Establish ownership early in the game.At the onset, ensure that created work is properly acknowledged and accounted for.This is especially true if output is resold or subscribed to.
  9. Secure a sales service agreement with your virtual assistant.It is a good business practice to get a warranty or support clause for technology projects.  This applies too for creative projects that may need to be updated regularly.
  10. Document project details and engagement contract.Keeping a written record of project details, instructions and remarks are good references for project completion.It also serves as supporting documents for billing or claims, should it be necessary.
  11. Outsourcing is here to stay.  Business owners should consider it if they want to grow their business or free up some of their time for more important things.Find out more about outsourcing through Great Work Online, where outsourcing is made simple.A team you can trust. https://greatworkonline.com/Connect with us:Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GreatWorkOnline/Facebook community for business owners: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheVirtualAssistantsCEO/Facebook community for online ninjas: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheVAsCEO.BeANinja/Instagram: http://instagram.com/greatworkonlineTwitter: https://twitter.com/greatworkonline