“Behind every great man is a great woman.”

This old saying is debatable and even considered feminist.

At the end of the day, for anyone to be great or successful, they need to have support.

For those running a coaching business in the fields of business, sports, life, wellness or any niche, having the proper support can spell the difference between success or failure.

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Running a coaching business eats up a lot of time and energy, period.

Growing the business will require, yes, more time and energy!!!

When will you find the time in improving your knowledge and skills as a coach?

Outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant or a remote team is a solution that solves both running and growing your coaching business.

Discover how a virtual assistant can help grow your coaching business.


A virtual assistant can handle business operations such as receiving and properly replying to calls and online inquiries and handling travel bookings and hotel arrangements.

Other tasks that a virtual assistant can do for your business are bookkeeping, billing, collection, payment of bills, updating records, organizing and uploading industry publication and reference materials for easy access and building database of clients.


A coach’s schedule needs to be planned ahead of time and updated constantly.

Your virtual assistant can assist you in scheduling your activities, plugging in activities and updating it in your online calendar.

You can assign your virtual assistant to alert you ahead of time to avoid missing out on coaching sessions or being late for conference keynote speaking engagements.


Just as an updated calendar is critical to your business, it goes without saying that replying promptly to email messages from clients, partners or industry organization is equally important.

There are, of course, other emails that do not need your immediate attention, but you will need to read at a later time.  Your virtual assistant can help you organize your inbox, categorize messages into different folders for appropriate action.

You can, of course, control what your virtual assistant has access to, if you have privacy issues.


A remote team can do research on trending topics on your coaching niche, industry trends or material for a conference presentation.

Letting your remote team do the legwork saves you a lot of time.


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Being proactive in social media ensures your online presence. A remote team dedicated to relevant content creation of your blogs, articles and visuals can provide you the marketing support for your coaching business.


Your coaching business website is a great platform where clients and prospects can know about your coaching business and how you can help them.

A remote team composed of a web developer, content writers and SEO specialists are skilled professionals who can help you build your website.

If your website looks interesting to visitors (your potential clients), they will explore your website to know more about your service and if they like what they see, they will be able to book an appointment effortlessly.


Your virtual assistant can help you manage your webinar by sending out email notifications and registration of participants.

Likewise, for your conferences or talks, let your virtual assistant handle logistics and preparation so that you can focus on being one of the most sought-after coach in your business.

If you would like to know more about how to outsource your virtual assistant or remote team.

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