It’s 5 AM and you are up before the alarm—for the 3rd time this week!

You glance at the clock with a sticky note on its face—Office@6am.

Time-lapse sequence — shower, get dressed, drive from home to office, quick coffee run, unlock office door, turn on lights and press the on-button of the computer…. end sequence.

You sit down and sip your hot double-shot espresso and check your inbox.

The slightly bitter taste and rich aroma jolt you into the reality of having to face a million and one tasks you need to do on your own—again.

But your business is a start-up and you aren’t ready to hire more office assistants.

Tedious but important tasks take up a lot of your time.

Precious time could have been spent travelling to bring in more business.

You remember a colleague, who told you about the virtual assistant and eventually, a virtual team he hired through outsourcing.

His workload is now lighter, business running more efficiently, and sales have gone up.
You start to think—which of my time-consuming tasks can be outsourced to a virtual assistant?

Here are some of the Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant:

1. Schedule and Reminders

Scheduling your appointments and tasks require planning and organization. Assign the details as they come to your virtual assistant. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone organize these for you and send you timely reminders?

2. Personal Assistance

Assign personal tasks like ordering gifts, sending greetings or flowers to family, friends, colleagues or clients or help you plan for a family trip. How’s that for image building and taking care of family?

3. Travel Arrangements

Do you have a series of business trips? Let your Virtual Assistant find the best airfare or hotel deal and handle booking for you.

4. Email Handling

A Virtual Assistant can reply to standard email queries and even organize your inbox. A real time saver!

5. Bookkeeping

Forgot to pay a bill? Your very own Virtual Assistant can handle your personal bills payment, record business expenses and sales, and handle office billing and collection.

6. Data Encoding and Reports

Suppliers and customer names, numbers, business cards, pictures, technical references, sales reports, number of followers, periodic data etc., are digitized, organized and regularly reported for your easy reference, wherever you are…yup, all done and updated by your Virtual Assistant!

7. Research

Save time in google searching for sources of that unique material for your product. Your Virtual Assistant has the time.

8. News Updates

Important, current and relevant news items or leads to help your business are summarized and presented to you daily or as needed.

9. Presentations

A Virtual Assistant can create your powerpoint or video presentations to give you sufficient time to prepare to convince your client to buy-in.

10. Social Media

Plan, strategize, create visuals, schedule and implement your social media campaign with your Virtual Assistant.

Before you know it, you do not have to wake up at 5am ever again to get a head start on important tasks.
Your very own Virtual Assistant can do it for you…while you’re sleeping.