With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, do you secretly dream of taking some time off skiing or snowboarding at your dream ski resort in Whistler BC?  But you snap out of it because the phone rings and it’s back to business.

Going off on a holiday or spending seemingly endless hours on a project that could scale up your business isn’t that far-fetched because all you need to do is hire a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Team to make your dreams come true.

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Are you curious what Virtual Assistants can do for you, while you are away?  


Here are examples of about 50 tasks you can entrust to your Virtual Assistant to help you run key areas of your business:


  1. Replying to email
  2. Consolidating customized replies to common customer queries
  3. Handling refund requests
  4. Solving customer basic problems for your product or service


  1. Preparing “Welcome” and “Goodbye” Customer Kits or Packets
  2. Issuing Billing/Invoices
  3. Sourcing “Thank You” or Holiday gifts, note cards or corporate premium items
  4. Reminding you on when it is time to follow up with customers after sales completion or project turn-over
  5. Execute a customized process to keep customers buying from you or securing referrals


  1. Distributing regular press releases
  2. Connecting with “influencers” to help promote your business
  3. Offering to do online guest posts
  4. Reaching out for guest posts/interviews
  5. Authoring or Editing for guest posts/interviews


  1. Proofreading or editing content and contributing to website development (eg plug ins, shopping cart etc..)
  2. Creating and publishing new pages
  3. Creating, formatting and scheduling weekly blog posts
  4. Creating online forms (feedback, guest posts, comments, product reviews, etc)
  5. Gathering resource pages
  6. Conducting regular backups and updates on new company information


  1. Developing a monthly/quarterly/yearly or tactical social media plan
  2. Determining and connecting with ideal target audience and influencers
  3. Running online contests
  4. Authoring posts and producing images that can be shared
  5. Scheduling posts on pre, post and day itself product or service launching events
  6. Creating regularly scheduled automated posts for all past blog posts
  7. Creating regularly scheduled opt-in with and or stand-alone freebie offer posts
  8. Generating a list of Twitter users to connect with to re-tweet their material
  9. Re-posting recent blog posts several times after they are published


  1. Scheduling product launches
  2. Creating and scheduling social media posts
  3. Producing new product launch images that can be shared
  4. Creating, boosting and monitoring Facebook ads
  5. Authoring or proofreading sequenced email for the launch and subsequent marketing efforts
  6. Authoring or editing launch related blog posts
  7. Creating a promo campaign to engineer social media sharing and engaging your own network to help promote the launch
  8. Initiating, managing and monitoring of affiliate partnerships participation
  9. Managing and updating product website or Facebook Business Page (e.g. “add a button”, sharing live video, shopping cart, etc)


  1. Setting up an affiliate program and researching software to add a plug in within the website
  2. Authoring an affiliate agreement or contract (e.g. terms and conditions, commission schemes, legal documentation, etc..)
  3. Creating and managing a specific affiliate promotion package
  4. Authoring and editing email marketing to potential affiliates
  5. Creating appealing copy and visuals that will help promote your affiliate program
  6. Creating and scheduling social media posts for other products you are affiliated with


  1. Editing and uploading in-house marketing videos on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram
  2. Editing and uploading podcasts
  3. Applying SEO techniques on blog posts and YouTube videos
  4. Searching for target audience in Facebook groups or on-line forums interested in your products or services
  5. Scheduling upload and email of weekly newsletters
  6. Devising a newsletter autoresponder for new subscribers


  1. Creating events marketing plan for webinars, on-line summit, tutorials, etc.
  2. Managing and implementing approved events
  3. Setting up on-line logistics, software, website, and technical support for event
  4. Identifying and connecting with potential guests or resource persons
  5. Booking and scheduling appearance of featured contributor, guest or resource person


  1. Authoring, editing and designing an opt-in lead magnet to market your evergreen product.
  2. Authoring, editing or enhance your newsletter program through an autoresponder for potential buyers
  3. Developing a monthly, quarterly or yearly marketing plan and campaign for your product
  4. Creating and managing Facebook Ads for your product
  5. Managing product sales, distribution, delivery and payment collection
  6. Tracking sales and reviews of how product is doing in the market
  7. Setting up and implementing regular webinars or appropriate events for your product


  1. Tracking business and marketing statistics (profitability, social media followers, list size, SEO ranking, etc) periodically to determine how your company is doing in the industry
  2. Creating and updating data on excel sheets and graphs to organize data and information
  3. Recommending plan of action and next steps to achieve target numbers and company objectives

Perhaps the tasks listed above will give you a new perspective on how much time and effort are needed to accomplish these tasks.  You may want to consider hiring a skilled and trustworthy Virtual Assistant or Team to help you in the business so you can get to pursue your dreams sooner than later.

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