“Delegate your weaknesses and focus on your strength.” – Pam Pormentilla

If you are a business owner and, on the fence, deciding whether to hire a virtual assistant, you will find great takeaways from this podcast.

Mike Saunders, The Authority Positioning Coach, in his podcast, Influential Entrepreneurs, at Business Innovators Radio Network, interviewed Great Work Online Co-founders, Pam Pormentilla and David Monteith.

Great Work Online is an outsourcing company, where business owners can find talented and experienced online ninjas in virtual assistance, project management, graphic & web design and development, SEO and social media marketing.

Mike dug deep into why entrepreneurs should consider outsourcing.  

Pam, who started out as a virtual assistant in 2009, was mentored by well-known SEO and Digital Marketing experts. She gained creditable and professional experience in these fields and in client servicing and founded Great Work Online in 2016 as the CEO with David Monteith as the CFO.

On the other hand, David Monteith who runs another business as a Mortgage Broker, did most tasks on his own, until Pam prodded him to try hiring a virtual assistant.  He was reluctant at first but as he assigned more and more tasks to a virtual assistant, he realized how much of his time was freed up.

Pam said most clients need help for countless tasks and identified which tasks can be offloaded to virtual assistants.

She starts off by assessing client’s needs in a discovery call. Specific tasks that can be done by a virtual assistant are identified. Additionally, and setting them apart from others, Great Work Online provides value added personalized service like shortlisting candidates, guiding business owners in choosing the ideal candidate, conducting virtual assistant skills validation and one-on-one training if need be to ensure client’s needs and expectations are met.

Interesting to note in the podcast is that entrepreneurs need to identify tasks they hate, are weak at and delay doing and tasks they are good at, enjoy doing and would prefer to spend valuable time doing – higher level tasks that generate income.

Pam believes that business owners should focus on higher level projects-strategizing and growing the business and start delegating repetitive and menial tasks to virtual assistants – like email and calendar management, data encoding, research and social media management, just to name a few.

For more tips and insights, listen to the podcast. You can click here https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/pam-pormentilla-david-monteith-founders-of-virtual-assistant-firm-great-work-online/

To learn more on marketing strategy through authority positioning, visit Mike Saunder’s website at http://authoritypositioningcoach.com/

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