CEOs are not always found at their desks in the office.  

They are constantly on the move—closing high-level deals, traveling for work or vacation with family, playing golf with colleagues in a Member’s Only resort or delivering keynote speeches in a convention—a thousand miles away.

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Most likely, they have a virtual assistant or a remote team…just a click away.

These days, online applications like Zoom and Slack make it easy to communicate, share digital files and images, hold virtual conferences and monitor work progress in an instant and in real-time.  

This piece gives you a glimpse of what CEO’s think about outsourcing remote workers.

Here are some quotes and tips from CEOs why they hire remote workers:

    1. Brian de Haaff, CEO of Aha!“The happiest and most productive companies are staffed by teams who work remotely…when workers are happy and productive, they bring their best to each day—which in turn leads to happier customers…everyone benefits.”
    2. Wade Foster, CEO of ZapierIf you restrict y0urself to 30 miles from your headquarters, you’re going to have a hard time hiring…and you see this now in the barrier where Google, Facebook, Apple are…They price out other employers because they can afford to…But when you open yourself up to remote, you’re able to work with folks from all over the world, and so that makes it a lot easier to find great folks.”
    3. Alex Turnbull, CEO and Co-Founder of Groove“Working remotely is a skill like any other, and it’s naive to think that a good developer will necessarily make a good REMOTE developer. Hire people with experience working remotely or running their own business.”
    4. Christian Mairoll, CEO and Founder of EmsisoftFind people who are dedicated to working from home and are self- motivated to keep up the with workload…Everyone’s focused on working efficiently and there’s not much time for unnecessary fluff, so things can get a bit impersonal if people don’t pay attention to the fact that their colleagues are real humans as well.”
    5. Nick Mitchell, CEO and Founder of Ultimate Performance

One must consider that for experienced performers and Gen Y and Z candidates, remote working, either full or part-time is no longer a rare privilege. It’s a very common practice. Remote working isn’t a one-way street that only benefits the employee, it helps with talent retention and reduces turnover.  It can also make people more productive because they’re able to work in their own controlled optimum environment.”

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All CEOs aim for business growth.  

Professionals working remotely is a growing global trend.

Outsourcing work to virtual assistants and remote teams is now recognized by CEOs and business owners as an alternative to finding and managing great talent, wherever they may be and without breaking the bank.

It does take time to get used to and cultural differences have to be worked out at the onset. But just like in any other business, key to success is communication, team building, proper onboarding and the use of the proper online tools.

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