Hiring the right Virtual Assistant equipped with business task skills can help run your business efficiently, generate savings on manpower costs and even provide you with valuable marketing support. This allows you to spend more time in growing your business.

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Here are business tasks commonly assigned to a Virtual Assistant:

  1. Email Management
    • Organizing, filtering, replying (when assigned), forwarding inbox messages
    • Sending out specific email messages to clients and prospects
    • Frees up time spent by business owners in reading and replying to generic or regular messages that can easily be handled by a VA
  1. Bookkeeping
    • Bills payment, Schedule of payments and records keeping
    • Customer Billing, Collection and records keeping
    • Bank transactions records keeping
    • Requires specific instructions and assigned to trustworthy and honest VAs
  1. Presentations
    • Preparing slides, audio visual clips, visuals and charts for Power Point Presentations
    • VAs can save business owners time in preparing the materials for presentation
    • Business owners can review and still have time to revise the presentation to ensure output is effective and professionally executed
  1. Research and Database Gathering
    • Time-consuming tasks which requires a lot of patience and skill to determine relevant information that a business owner needs to make executive decisions
    • Organizing, consolidating and summarizing data for the business owner
    • Encoding and regularly updating data used as reference by business owners such as clients, suppliers, prospects contact names, numbers, email addresses, website links, product lists, pricing, competitors’ info, etc.
  1. Reports
    • Submitting regular reports or technical briefs to business owners on required topics of interest
    • Providing updates on company website or social media accounts visitor traffic or reader comments for business owner to take proper action on
  1. Travel Arrangements
    • Airfare and Hotel Bookings
    • Land Arrangements, Itinerary, Restaurant Bookings
    • Researching on places of interest to visit, industry activities or events to attend that are beneficial to the owner’s business
    • Setting up business meetings abroad
    • Provides support to business owners while abroad
  1. Schedules
    • Syncing appointment calendars with mobile devices
    • Setting up meetings and appointments
    • Providing 24/7 and applicable time zone reminder system for important dates, meetings and tasks (personal and business)
  1. News Briefings
    • Updating business owners on current and relevant news to keep the latter abreast on what is trending or relevant not only to the business but to business partners, colleagues, clients and prospects
    • Preparing news brief summaries for business owners to save on time          
  1. Social Media
    • Creating online business templates or new designs for Social Media use
    • Regularly posting approved business tweets, messages or video on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
    • Ensuring continuous on-line presence for the business
  1. Personal Assistant Chores
    • Scheduling and handling personal business owner chores such as gift giving, writing thank you notes, invitation, holiday or birthday greetings, etc
    • Assisting business owner in preparing for events and parties (e.g. booking caterer, venue, entertainment)
    • This certainly lightens the load of any entrepreneur

It isn’t only a matter of hiring any Virtual Assistant you can delegate the tasks too, it is finding the Virtual Assistant you can trust and can contribute to enhancing the professional image of a business owner.

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