I never knew bravery until I witnessed it recently in my friend, Karla.

Karla and I have been friends since our college days.  Though we went our separate ways after graduation, we shared similar life paths, both being single moms with no child support.


As women warriors, we try not to let life’s curveballs bring us down. Until now, when faced with a major life-changing event.

Karla has been battling breast cancer for over a year now. She has been through tests, mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments.   


Yet, she continues to work because she needs to support her 9-year-old son, Kevin, on her own, and there are medical expenses to pay.

As if it were not enough, just recently, her tumors have metastasized to her left breast and lungs.

It breaks my heart to see Karla go through this battle. She is in dire need of funds to continue her medical treatment. All Karla wants is to get well and be healthy again, so she can raise Kevin, see him grow as a fine young man …. see Kevin fulfill his goals and dreams.


Still, I admire Karla for her perseverance and her positive spirit. She is fighting for her life, while she finds ways to raise funds.   

This has moved me to put up  https://www.gofundme.com/let039s-fight-the-big-c-with-karla  to raise funds for Karla’s medical needs for this difficult phase of her battle with breast cancer.

Some friends and colleagues have helped Karla, but sadly, it isn’t enough.



In our own little way, David and I, of Great Work Online, will be donating a portion of our profit for Karla’s medical treatment.

But more funds must be raised to help Karla pay for her next round of treatments and hospitalization.

This is to humbly appeal to kind and generous hearts to help Karla fight for her life.

Please also help spread the word by re-posting this to your network, in the hope that it will touch more people as well.

Click here to send your help to Karla  https://www.gofundme.com/let039s-fight-the-big-c-with-karla

You can also send it to BPI with Account Number 0446 7317 57 Karla T Morada.

Thank you in advance.


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