If you are a work-from-home-dad or mom with children, then this is for you.

Being cooped up at home with the kids like on winter break can be pretty daunting for full-time parents.

Chores, work and errands seem harder to do because your kids are driving you crazy with their pent-up energy.

It’s as if a dam is about to burst, and you’ve got to release!

Juggling homemaker duties and virtual assistant tasks are manageable as a daily routine.

But how does one cope, if you add restless and eager kids to the mix?

Everything starts with a plan.

The time frame is finite and all you need to do is fill in the boxes with productive and fun activities.

You will also need a little help from your friends, neighbors, community and fellow virtual assistants.

Next is strategy.

You have to keep the kids occupied or asleep because that is when you can sneak in work.

Being resourceful and creative on how to spend quality time together, while getting the work done, are handy skills.

Again, virtual assistants are planners, strategic thinkers and resourceful.

So far, you’re ahead of the game.

Make sure you do research before the holidays on what would interest kids while staying indoors.

If you have the budget, fill up your bag of tricks. Kids love surprises.
Still, you need to survive the holiday break with the kids around, here are some ideas:

An image of a family walking


Play like work.

Kids love to imitate adults.

Set up a desk beside your work area. Prop up an inexpensive PC or laptop.

Schedule tasks for your kids like: Learning Mavis Beacon’s Typing Lessons, Spelling or Painting Lessons on YouTube.

By all means, let them watch Netflix kiddie programs, then get them back to more fun through interactive lessons.

They could have some limited game time for Minecraft or Super Mario, but this to has to be managed and controlled.

Kids do get bored with too much screen time and would eventually want to do something else.

Schedule a fixed time every day with the kids for quality family time. They will expect it, so they have something to look forward to. You could need a break too.

Bring out the board games. Have some movie time with popcorn.

Work together to complete a mini-project a jumbo jigsaw puzzle during the holiday break.

Do housework together. Assign housework to the kids and let them earn a prize if they do the job, so it becomes fun.

Do yoga or dance together for exercise.

Take a nap with them and have your own power nap.

Ask for Help.

Neighbors or fellow virtual assistants with kids could take care of your kids while you are rushing a task or in a videoconference meeting with your client.

Do the same for your neighbors.

Kids love playmates. Schedule a round robin schedule for playtime with other neighbor’s kids.

Hire a baby sitter, a temp homemaker, or music teacher for the kids to give you more time to complete virtual assistant tasks.

Outsource your own temporary virtual assistant to help you with urgent tasks or a time-consuming task.

If you are part of a remote team, ask for their help to complete a task or to cover for you, if you need to bring your kid to a doctor.


Set Boundaries, Rules and Security Measures

Set boundaries and rules. Let your children know that there is a time for work and a time for play. Use colorful messages and images for signs. Place a “Mom is Busy” sign outside your door or in front of your desk. When it is down, they know they can knock on the door or they can approach you.

Set up indoor security wi-fi cameras or motion sensor cameras so you can monitor your kids, while you are working.

Before you know it, you will be back to your old routine. But this time, you are happier because you survived the holiday break and spent a wonderful time with the kids.

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