Why do some business owners think that outsourcing isn’t for them?

Is the business a start-up?

And then, there are entrepreneurs who are multi-skilled and business savvy.

You scoff and say to yourself— No one can do this better than me!

Why hire a virtual assistant if you are able to juggle tasks and close a deal without breaking a sweat?

Outsourcing virtual assistants or a remote team may not be top of mind for some business owners.

But for those who are considering to get help, perhaps this piece can enlighten you on how outsourcing can build a better business.

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Let your virtual assistant handle the day to day administrative tasks. This leaves you more time to work on building your business and increasing revenue.

Technology keeps getting better. Online tools used by virtual assistants are available and constantly advancing. It makes tasks easier, faster and convenient to do. Cool high-tech gadgets, devices, online communication tools and software applications increase productivity and efficiency.

Outsourcing a remote team lowers operating costs and increases revenue. Business owners do not have to pay taxes, employee benefits, insurance or overtime pay, if you outsource a virtual assistant or a remote team. There is no need to purchase new office equipment or rent a large office space. Virtual assistants use their own equipment and work from home. Lower overhead expenses increase the bottom line.

Small business can compete. Having access to a global pool of highly skilled and talented virtual assistants or professionals, allow business owners to compete with big business and in the global arena.

When, What, How to Outsource?

Outsource a virtual assistant for a new project if your current employees cannot handle added workload.

Start outsourcing early in the game. Depending on what tasks business owners can freely delegate to others, some would hire a bookkeeper, a virtual assistant, a writer, a graphic designer, a project manager or an executive assistant.

Highly skilled (financial analysis), repetitive (data encoding) or specialized (IT support) tasks can be outsourced to specific virtual assistants or professionals.

Spend time to find the right virtual assistant or dream remote team.

Your network can refer to you an outsourcing provider or a specific web designer you need for a special project.

There are web-based marketplaces or outsourcing sites where you can check out candidate profiles and even get feedback from former employers.

It is worth the effort to call outsourcing providers at the onset to find out what kind of outsourcing services they can provide, the process, cost and benefits.

Once you’ve found a provider, communicate clearly requirements and expectations, discuss contract details, and inquire on after service support.

Costs, Benefits, Challenges

Nothing in life is perfect, especially for businesses.

You get what you pay for—rings true in life and in business.

Lower costs may not mean better service.

Trust and security are issues are critical, as well.

An outsourcing provider can help business owners find the skilled and trustworthy candidate.

Global outsourcing providers offers highly skilled talent. But you may have to deal with language barriers or adjusting to time zone differences.

Just make sure that you communicate clearly the work process, communication protocols, timelines, deliverables and expectations.

Time differences can actually be an advantage. While you are asleep, your virtual assistant would have accomplished the assigned task and be ready with results by the time you wake up.

It’s like operating 24 hours a day, at no extra cost!

Outsourcing can be a valuable tool by having the ideal remote team with top notch skills that contributes to increasing productivity, reducing work cycles and helping you grow your business more effectively and faster than when you do it alone.

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