Zig Ziglar. Phil Jackson. Steve Jobs. Jack Ma. Tony Robbins.

Each one is unique and results-oriented.

Every effective coach, consultant and speaker quickly gains popularity.

They become in-demand and their own brand.

Not every aspiring coach, consultant or speaker can do it alone or at once.

Outsource your very own remote team.

Your dream remote team can provide you with services that can help you build your brand and business…24/7!

A remote team does the heavy lifting and hard work for you.

Are you looking into building your coaching, consulting or speaking career into a full-time successful and growing business?

Read on.


Brainstorming, Strategizing, Branding and Planning

It starts with defining your business model.

A remote team can brainstorm with you.

Who are your clients? What are your strong points? What are your weak points? What are your short-term and long-term goals? What is your tagline? What is your main message and positioning statement? What makes you stand-out from the others? What can you offer that others do not offer? How can you truly help your clients? How can you be valuable to your clients?

Answers to these questions will guide your remote team in building your professional brand, defining your audience, and strategizing on how to reach your short-term and long-term goals.

Your remote team can help you conceptualize and develop an idea or program.

They will help you come up with the Plan.

A virtual assistant can even be assigned to you. Your VA can help you manage your schedule and coordinate with your remote team. There is no need to talk to the whole team everyday once the plan is rolled out. Your virtual assistant makes it easy and simple for you.

You can continue honing your craft while your team works on the support you will need anytime you need it.

Researching, Content Writing, Creating Visuals and Editing

Once the key elements of your brand or plan are determined, the remote team gets right to work.
They will handle the research. They will create, curate, edit and update content.

Your remote team will prepare your branding visuals, video presentations, hand-outs, links to created work, collaterals, opt-in material, newsletters, e-books, brochures, bite-size video teasers, business cards, webinar content, social media posts or blogs.

Content can even re-purposed according to every target audience.

Develop, Implement and Test Marketing Plan and Campaign

Your remote team can develop, implement, test and tweak your marketing campaign to achieve desired results.

They can handle the daily and recurring Social Media Integration and Management, Email Marketing, and Website Development and Management.

In addition, they can help schedule and administer your podcasts or webinars or subscription of your newsletter.

The will even conduct analytics to address kinks or boost what is working.

Your remote team is your very own marketing agency and publicist.

They will make sure can so that you are out there, front and center.

Your remote team knows how to build and grow your audience.

Find that great remote team, who can help you share your passion and expertise to the world.

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