How many times have you ended a full day of coaching sessions only to face the reality of piles of paperwork and unfinished tasks on your desk?

If you have a virtual assistant on board by now, the daunting task of catching up with backlog would be a thing of the past.

If there is any good reason for outsourcing a virtual assistant, it would simply be because you don’t have to do the work of growing your business all by yourself.


Virtual assistants can help business and life coaches build authenticity, uniqueness, relevance and brand equity by making you visible and available online and even offline to clients.

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1. Social Media Management

A virtual assistant can manage your social media platforms on a regular basis to keep you visible online.

From creating blogs, to responding to comments or queries on your resource articles and posting details on your upcoming webinar, speaking engagements and lectures, a virtual assistant keeps you relevant and your clients abreast on latest trends or news in your field of expertise.

2. Website Management

Your active social media platform accounts should lead your clients and potential business to click on your website to get more information about you and your business.

A virtual assistant can keep your website updated by uploading your credentials, achievements, client testimonials, video clips on some of your key lectures and useful information that your clients can use to help them improve skills that you are helping them with.

Your audience gets the real deal about you because of verifiable documentation and visual proof of your achievements found in your website.

Leave it to the capable hands of your virtual assistant to keep your website looking professional and showcasing your uniqueness and capabilities—your brand.

Also, your VA keeps your website easy to navigate, so eager clients can book your services, opt in for your speaking engagements or webinars, download your e-book and subscribe to your newsletters.

3.Email Management

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A virtual assistant ensures that emails from clients and prospects are attended to promptly.

Your clients are assured that you care and reachable.

Clients who subscribe to your newsletters receive theirs copies in their inbox on a regular basis.

If your virtual assistant is consistent in handling your email and can even provide content material for your newsletter, you’ve struck gold.

4. Content Research and Creation

A remote team can be hired to research on new and in-depth content and trends on your field, while you are busy with your clients and save a lot of your executive time.

They can help provide you regular insights and useful resource materials to support new topics you would like to develop.

You will never run out of ideas and suggestions with the help of a robust research and content creation remote team to help you provide value to your clients.

5. Webinar and Speaking Engagement Support

A virtual assistant can manage back end preparation for your webinars and speaking engagements.

Your VA makes sure that your clients are informed way in advance on your webinar schedules and workshops or speaking engagements by facilitating email, social media and website online registration and booking confirmations.

For out of town engagements, your virtual assistant can liaise with organizers and venues to help provide the necessary support that you will need, so you are not bothered by details.

Aside from making your online presence felt, a virtual assistant can take on office management tasks such as scheduling, calendar management, bookkeeping, payments, billing and collection to keep your business running smoothly, while you are focused on coaching your clients.

Spend your precious time doing what you do best and let a virtual assistant handle the rest.

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