“I’d say there’s only one way to really succeed long term — and it’s simplistic but it’s true. It adds more value than anybody else. And the way to do that is by falling in love with your customer, not your product.  If y0u fall in love with your product, you’re screwed.” – Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins has been in the coaching business for over forty years.  He comes out on top of the list on Google when one searches ‘the best business coach of all time.’

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The world of executive business coaching is taking shape and continues to grow.   The business coaching model is getting highly specialized and competitive, especially for new players.

If you want to gain traction, your coaching business has to take center stage. It isn’t only a full-time job, it should become your lifestyle. You will have to live what you preach—and evolve into your own brand.

You will need all the help you can get.

How?  Outsourcing— a virtual assistant or a remote team.

First off, list down the things that you have to accomplish on a day to day basis.  

Determine which of the tasks you can assign to someone who is skilled, experienced and trustworthy.

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To guide you, here are general task categories that a Virtual Assistant can help you with, while you are getting ready for your next one-on- one coaching session:

  1. Scheduling, Email and Client Servicing Management
    A virtual assistant can handle front office duties for you. Tasks such as replying to daily email or online inquiries, managing your appointment calendar and inbox and sending you reminder notifications.
  2. Content Research and Creation
    A remote team can research on latest trends on your field of expertise, gather case studies and relevant materials and develop the framework for your next speaking engagement.A virtual assistant can “ghost write” your speech based on your approved outline.Your team could develop a content plan for your blog or white paper.
  3. Social Media Management and Website Management
    Posting regular blogs, webinar announcements, relevant articles or inspirational visuals on your social media accounts and website could be handled on a regular basis by your virtual assistant. This a good practice that contributes to increasing your online presence.
  4. Webinar, Speaking Engagement Management
    A remote team could organize your webinar or speaking engagement, prepare the presentation content and logistics, liaise with the venue or manage the platform, and promote the event through social media or email. All you need to do is show up and shine!
  5. Finance Management of your Business
    You don’t want to be bogged down with invoicing or billing. Let your virtual assistant handle this and manage your bookkeeping.  Outsourcing will allow you to have more time on your hands and focus on what matters— how you can help others as their business coach.

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