NBA, NFA and NHL playoffs and world series are often marked with fiery team spirit, which affects even their fans. Playing for a team even for a season requires skill and teamwork. Each team player is expected to provide team support to a key player while executing a play strategized by the team captain or coach. A cohesive and supportive team increases its chances of winning because they become one, working towards one goal – The Win!

Similarly, business owners would want to build a synergized team composed of highly skilled, dynamic and effective individuals to make the business succeed and grow.

Imagine a scenario wherein a business owner can personally recruit members of his own dream team. It is pretty much like how a coach would pick players to build a team. He first assesses the weakness of his team and finds a player who can improve or turn the weakness around.

When would it be a good time to build your team?

If your business is already running and you want to scale up or diversify, then you are ready.

If you are a startup, now is a good time to start because you have the chance to build the ideal team from the ground up.

Even if you are just developing your business idea or crafting a business plan, it would be prudent to explore the possibility of identifying key positions or projects which can help you jumpstart or test your business idea.

an image of a team working together

Why build a remote team?

There is a veritable supply of virtual assistants available globally, qualified and skilled in administration (customer service, email and schedule management, travel arrangements) and finance (payroll and bookkeeping), sales and marketing, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, copywriting, translation, graphic design, web development, research, IT, etc.

A virtual professional’s tenure is contract or project based. Deliverables and timelines are specific and quantifiable. You only pay for agreed output. This translates to lower costs and higher efficiency. Regular employees term is full time and paid even during downtime.

New technology and high-speed internet has made the world smaller. People can see and talk to each other real time, at any time of the day and stay connected 24/7. This has opened the door to new opportunities and more choices. Limiting oneself to what is familiar may be a safe way to go. But if it will not cost you an arm and a leg to explore available help beyond your circle, you may be surprised to find that your dream team does exist.

There may be issues like cultural and time differences, but these are easily overcome by a period of adjustment, open and honest discussion and setting clear cut expectations.

An outsourcing company can assist business owners build a virtual assistant team, identify which key positions are critical or which positions can be filled up in the future. Recommendations are presented with budget considerations and expectations in mind.

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