“Delegate or outsource everything except the stuff you are awesome at.” – Cameron Herold, Business Coach, Business Mentor and CEO Coach

No one can possibly do everything by themselves if they want to succeed.

Wouldn’t you rather be preparing that kick-ass lecture for your next speaking engagement instead of spending countless hours replying to each and every email in your inbox, billing clients and sifting through piles of bills?

Let’s get right down to it— it’s time to outsource stuff to a virtual assistant.

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Learn 7 success tips for coaches hiring a virtual assistant.

  1. Find a virtual assistant…who… is like you. You know what you want.  Find a virtual assistant, who is skilled and experienced in your field, to help you achieve your goals.It is ideal that your virtual assistant shares your views and work ethics, believes in your work, and can fully support your plans to achieve your desired results.
  2. Have a plan and timeline.Once you’ve set your goals and desired results, discuss this with your remote team or virtual assistant.Draw up a plan, identify deliverables, execution and timeline together to manage each other’s expectations.
  3. Delegate.Coaches inspire clients to do things on their own and break new ground.The same principle applies to your virtual assistant. Inspire your remote team or virtual assistant to take on tasks, especially challenging ones, so they can become experts, as well.
  4. Be humble and keep learning.Virtual assistants are always open to learning new skills.Coaching your virtual assistant on some aspects in your field isn’t a bad idea, especially if it will help you reach your goals faster.To become even better in your field, you don’t stop learning either.Your virtual assistant may have skills that you lack, go ahead and ask for help to save time.
  5. Communicate well.Two-way communication is vital in any relationship.Open and honest communication at work, especially constructive criticism, builds a healthy working relationship.It works both ways, too.  Be open to recommendations from your virtual assistant, especially if it will it improve productivity or quality of work.
  6. Believe in what you teach.Your clients hire you because they believe in you. They trust that you will help them turn their dreams or aspirations into reality.Believe that with your ideal virtual assistant or remote team by your side, your goals and plans will also be fulfilled or even surpassed.
  7. Invest in yourself.Your mission is helping your clients achieve their goals. Clients make an investment in themselves, when they hire you.It isn’t only a monetary investment.A lot of time and effort goes into the process. Sometimes spirits are broken or clients go through some mental anguish, especially when trying to break bad habits. But with your expertise, teachings, inspiration, guidance, training and hard work—goals are met and dreams become a reality.When you hire your very own virtual assistant, it is also an investment in yourself.  Your virtual assistant helps you become a better coach. With your virtual assistant handling important and time-consuming daily tasks to run your coaching business, you now have more time specializing in your field.

Whether you need a virtual assistant or a remote team, or both, look no further.

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