Multi-tasking—it can save you, but if taken to extreme—it may be counterproductive.

It is a skill, nonetheless, that allows you to take on multiple tasks all at the same time.

Most business owners are good at multi-tasking and would prefer to run the business personally to ensure growth.

However, doing this day in day out can be draining. There is also the risk of losing some focus on some tasks.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can assign some of the many tasks on your plate to an efficient, skillful and trusted virtual assistant?

This will free up some of your time to hit the gym, spend quality time with your family and re-charge.

Outsourcing specialized and tedious tasks to a virtual assistant or a remote team helps business owners grow their business.

Even if you like to be hands-on, try to consider specialized and tedious tasks that you can outsource and help you scale your business:


1. Optimizing Conversion

Your website can have a lot of visitors but are you reaching your conversion targets?

Conversion requires content marketing, optimizing sales funnels, and product reviews, to name a few.

The key is finding out which one will work best for you to achieve the results you desire.

Outsource an expert, who can save you time to reach your sales target faster.

2. Customer Support

A professional virtual assistant, with great customer service skills coupled with top notch product or service knowledge, can do wonders to increase customer conversion and loyalty.

Customer queries or concerns can be attended to immediately with a professional flair.

How’s that for an impactful first line of defense!

3. Lead Generation

Lead generation is challenging and time consuming.

Outsourcing a dedicated virtual assistant for this task can save you time and money.

Free yourself from the daily grind of making cold calls, run ads or developing a tactical marketing strategy.

4. Automate Income Streams

Creating various income streams is possible, if you outsource key tasks to a remote team.

Handling too many projects and clients that you take on all by yourself, will take its toll on you, sooner or later.

To prevent this from happening, hire a virtual assistant to handle, say, bookkeeping, another virtual assistant to do competitive research and another to implement your Facebook ad campaign for a new product launch.

For another project or service, hire another remote team to handle creatives to project implementation and management.

5. Inventory

Handling inventory is tedious, gobbles up so much of executive time and is prone to mix-ups.

Again, outsourcing to the rescue—hire an inventory and fulfillment remote team capable of streamlining the process and handling all the critical details to meet orders, promptly and efficiently.

6. Content Marketing

A virtual assistant skilled in content marketing, who will strategically create, re-purpose and put out your content in effective platforms guarantees connection with your audience.

If someone else handles your content marketing, you gain a better perspective. This also allows you to make objective decisions.

7. Financial Analysis

Your virtual bookkeeper or accountant will help you keep your financials in order.

If budget is a concern, a virtual bookkeeper can do your books a few days per month at a monthly retainer fee.
Maintaining the financial health of any business is vital.

The cost of outsourcing an accountant and or a professional bookkeeper is worth the investment.

For die hard multi-taskers, think about it—having a virtual assistant on board is pretty much like having an extra pair of hands and eyes to help you scale up in no time.

Can you imagine what you can achieve if you have your very own remote team?

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