Outsourcing is a valuable businessman’s tool to help increase 2 vital business Ps—Profit and Productivity.

Having access to the services of an outsourcing company is like finding the right doctor specializing in a specific medical condition that needs immediate care.

The right outsourcing consultant can help you determine your manpower requirements based on your needs.

A great outsourcing company has a curated database of virtual professionals specializing in different fields.

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You do not need to second guess from countless work-from-home hopefuls.

Outsourcing will guide you in hand-picking the best candidates based on who will be most beneficial to your business.

Before you start outsourcing, consider the following:

  1. Which tasks can you relinquish to virtual assistants
    • Routine, necessary tasks but takes a lot of time to do
    • Temporary tasks but recurs during specific periods
    • Specialized tasks for special projects
    • Added tasks that your current employees can do but it may cost you time and money or even cause low morale due to overwork
  2. Which must-have skills and qualifications do you require from a virtual assistant or from potential work-from-home professionals?
    • Accounting and Administrative Skills – Payroll, Billing, Bookkeeping, General administrative, Record Keeping etc.
    • Executive Assistant Skills – Calendar management, appointment making, email management, preparing meeting documents, business writing, sales support, travel and hotel booking arrangements, etc.
    • Specialized Skills – Graphic Design, Web Design, Writing Content, Copy Writing, SEO, Email marketing, Instagram Marketing, E-commerce, etc.
    • Qualifications – Detail oriented, prompt, honest, reliable, proven experience, needs minimum supervision, organized, etc.
  3. Select a reliable, accessible and trustworthy outsourcing partner from a list of reputable outsourcing companies.
    • Ask for recommendations from other business owners you know who are outsourcing successfully
    • Research the internet, read client testimonials and reviews
    • Make an actual call to an outsourcing company and ask questions
    • Check out client references
    • Ensure that your outsourcing company you choose is easily accessible online to address concerns without delay
  4. Establish compatible standards with your outsourcing provider that will be included in a contract.
    • Assess if the outsourcing company knows what you need and can provide them immediately and effectively
    • Discuss terms of agreement that both will agree to
    • Both sides allow leeway for adjustments mid-contract, should the need arise
    • Itemize and outline specific requirements, timelines, deliverables, desired output, indicative costs, etc.
    • Conduct periodic audits and alignment meetings to check if agreements stipulated are being met and if adjustments need to be made
    • Establish accountabilities to prevent finger pointing
  5. Have a back-up plan.

Always have a fall back system in place should the outsourcing company fail to meet your standards.

Ensure that you have copies of all records, data, material, output.

Make sure you can easily recover or access critical files, so you can seamlessly re-assign the job without causing delay in your business operations.

No doubt you will find an array of outsourcing companies online.

But, finding that one outsourcing company which does great work is a call away.

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