Do you believe that hiring a Virtual Assistant is costly and only bigger business can afford to hire one?

Are you thinking that having a physically present assistant is better than someone who is only available online and from a distance?

But what if your business isn’t gaining enough traction and urgently needs you to step up. Given your limited resources as a start-up, you still need to focus on finding ways to make your product stand out while increasing your customer reach.  

This means you need to have someone help you run the day to day mundane and repetitive tasks, which gives you more time to focus on promoting and selling your product.

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Hiring a virtual assistant is a solution that is economical and time-bound rather than hiring permanent employees which will cost you more in paying a monthly salary and benefits and added office space and equipment.

Even if your start up is doing well, you still need support to continue to grow your business in a more efficient and less costly way.  You still need to increase your sales!

Using a real estate business model as an example, here are 12 ways a Virtual Assistant can help improve productivity and increase sales:

  1. Search for sales prospects/leads and secure sales calls or appointments
  2. Build your sales prospects /leads and conduct follow up calls.
  3. Review and validate sales leads and tap active seller leads that your competition hasn’t used.
  4. Convert leads to buyers through regular follow up calls or email and setting up listing alert schedule.
  5. Build your listing and help market your listing in real estate forums or Facebook real estate groups by using eye-catching photos and writing copy that sells
  6. Act as listing coordinator through a company issued US phone and number.
  7. Act as a closing coordinator, handling lenders, ordering surveys, documentation, etc.
  8. Build, manage and write blogs for your website.
  9. Manage Social Media Marketing and SEO to augment/enhance/support off line sales efforts, brand awareness, online presence and convert sales leads into buyers
  10. Help manage, update and validate your client database
  11. Field calls and perform simple and repetitive general office tasks so business owner can be more productive without interruptions.
  12. Perform basic Accounting and Bookkeeping to help manage your finances.

That’s 12 valuable ways which outweigh the cost of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

This translates to Profit, Increased Productivity and more time for yourself!

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, finding the right Virtual Assistant.

You need to find the most qualified, one whose personality will match yours.  

The number of virtual assistants have rapidly grown this past decade and will continue to grow as well.  

An experienced outsourcing company can help you 24/7 sift through their pool of talented, skilled, dependable, self-motivated and trustworthy virtual professionals that will match your specific needs.

You can even strike a deal with the outsourcing company to take on a whole project for you!

Think of it as an investment which can guarantee you positive results since you will have all the time you need to focus on growing your core business, creating new products or services and enjoying quality time doing what you like to do or being with those that really matter to you.

Leave the business operations to capable and trustworthy hands.

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