More and more SBO’s (Small Business Owners) are relying on VAs (Virtual Assistants) to get relief from burgeoning daily tasks and responsibilities, catching up on lost sleep or to go on a quick getaway, while the business runs more efficiently than ever.

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VAs are skilled professionals located all over the world and in various time zones.  They are hired by SBOs on per contract or project based through reputable and reliable outsourcing companies.

Benefits to outsourcing VAs:

  • 24/7 access to specialized skills that you pay only for what is required
  • 24/7 operating business hours
  • 24/7 earning potential while business owner is away
  • Savings on employee-related expenses
  • No need to expand office space, add new office furniture and equipment
  • No issues on downtime, sick leave and obligations

SBOs now can rely heavily on VAs to handle key business areas such as:

  • Customer Services
  • Calendar Scheduling and Management
  • Email Management
  • Content Research and Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management and Growth
  • Digital /Online Marketing
  • Website, Software and App Development
  • Audio and Video Editing
  • General Administrative and Budgetary Tasks

100 Tasks you can delegate to your VA:  

(General Administrative)

  • Sourcing product and service suppliers
  • Finding networking opportunities
  • Finding speaking opportunities
  • Finding guest blogging opportunities
  • Canvassing and ordering office supplies online
  • Canvassing and ordering gifts online
  • Creating and monitoring Google Alert
  • Uploading Job Ads and shortlisting candidates
  • Conducting background, credit and criminal checks on applicants and employees
  • Sourcing and training of additional virtual assistants

(Calendar Scheduling and Management)

  • Encoding and updating internal calendar entries
  • Scheduling appointments with clients, colleagues and prospects
  • Updating you of calendar changes
  • Reminding you of upcoming deadlines
  • Booking airfare and hotel accommodations
  • Booking restaurant reservations
  • Booking event venues
  • Scheduling follow ups for leads

(Communications and Email Management)

  • Receiving and filtering email/attending to urgent email/ archiving email
  • Moderating and filtering blog comments
  • Moderating forum comments
  • Creating and coordinating meeting schedule and agendas
  • Taking down meeting notes
  • Handling customer service email
  • Processing client support tickets
  • Processing customer voicemail
  • Replying to clients through support chats
  • Creating and sending event invitations; handling RSVPs
  • Finding and connecting with industry resource persons for podcasts/webinars

(Content Research and Writing)

  • Proofreading content e.g. reports, ebooks, email, reports
  • Transcribing audio, video and notes to written form
  • Editing and publishing blog posts
  • Creating resource lists for blog material
  • Submitting content to blog aggregators and directories
  • Authoring training material and content
  • Formatting and lay-out of eBook into PDF
  • Researching for material. content for presentations
  • Researching for material/content for reports
  • Researching for material/content for infographics/white papers
  • Researching for new ideas/trending topics for blog posts, reports, videos, podcasts
  • Creating infographics
  • Preparing content for presentation slides
  • Writing reports or briefs
  • Creating case studies from clients
  • Creating press releases
  • Creating templates/forms/documents

(Data and File Management)

  • Scanning and incorporating digital copy into the CRM system
  • Updating contact details in the CRM system
  • Updating opportunities in the CRM system
  • Digitally organizing files in Word, Excel or Google Docs/Drive
  • Creating online and survey forms

(Finance Management)

  • Scanning receipts and incorporating digital copy to the Accounting System
  • Monitoring budget and expenses, tagging overbudget expenditures
  • Gathering supplier quotes for bidding process
  • Managing and monitoring affiliate accounts
  • Creating periodic sales reports
  • Preparing sales invoices for approval
  • Issuing, recording and collecting due and past due invoices/billings
  • Gathering receipts and supporting documents for tax season
  • Scheduling payment of bills
  • Transferring funds
  • Managing and recording client refunds
  • Monitoring competitor pricing

(Graphic Design)

  • Designing, developing and finalizing brand studies and identity
  • Digitally editing photos
  • Designing and finalizing logo studies
  • Designing and updating business cards
  • Designing and finalizing book cover studies
  • Designing and finalizing brochure and flyer studies
  • Designing feature images for blog posts
  • Designing and finalizing cover photo for social media profiles
  • Incorporating watermarks to company owned photos and videos
  • Creating and updating virtual tours
  • Creating QR codes

(Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing)

  • Creating lead magnets and landing pages
  • Building and updating email list subscriber and details
  • Creating and categorizing email list segments
  • Creating, scheduling and sending email newsletters
  • Creating email autoresponders
  • Strategizing, creating and scheduling email drip campaigns
  • Researching industry hashtag campaigns
  • Identifying industry influencers
  • Tracking product, service or brand online mentions
  • Creating social media marketing, strategic, and tactical plans
  • Creating and advanced scheduling or queuing of social media content in various platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Promoting or implementing push campaign of published social media content
  • Responding to social media posts, reviews and comments
  • Building social media fan and follower base/audience
  • Research keywords for blog/website content
  • Competitive SEO monitoring
  • Optimizing on-page content using keywords, meta tags, image alt descriptions, page descriptions etc.)
  • Optimizing off-page content through sitemap and directory submissions
  • Collecting and analyzing SEO and SEM reports and conversions
  • Creating and implementing Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter campaigns
  • Creating and handling online contests
  • Creating, building and updating Twitter lists
  • Conducting cold calls
  • Submitting social bookmarks for blog content (Reddit, Digg, etc..)
  • Identifying and connecting prospective clients in the market for service and products requirement on Facebook groups or online forums

(Web and Software Development)

  • Researching and analyzing web hosting options
  • Searching and analyzing domains to be purchased
  • Building blogs, websites, microsites
  • Installing and updating website software
  • Customizing and installing website themes
  • Customizing and installing website plugins
  • Incorporating payment gateways, CRM, social media icons/links, email providers, comments, tools to website
  • Installing SSL certificates
  • Implementing Content Delivery Networks
  • Improving website speed
  • Locating and repairing broken website links
  • Performing regular backups for website
  • Developing and managing mobile apps

(Audio and Video Editing)

  • Creating effective explainer videos
  • Collecting and editing audio/video files
  • Inserting intros and outros
  • Cancelling background noise
  • Researching for free music downloads (royalty free)
  • Sourcing and choosing ideal voice talents to do voiceovers
  • Converting audio/video files in preferred format
  • Adding audio and video metadata
  • Recording and publishing podcast content/series
  • Uploading content to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

(Product Launches)

  • Scheduling launch dates in shared calendar
  • Authoring launch sequence emails
  • Writing and publishing blog posts to create awareness of product launch
  • Writing and posting launch related content in social media
  • Creating enticing and shareable product launch image and videos
  • Creating landing pages with produced social media shares to help promote launch
  • Preparing, monitoring, updating and implementing product launch advertising online and offline media campaigns

Some Q&As on VAs

Which is better, hiring a VA on full time or part time basis?

VAs can perform tasks listed above on part-time/full time basis, short-term/long-term contracts and project basis.

There are advantages and disadvantages with regard to costs, training and availability when hiring VAs full time and part time.

Hiring VAs on a part time basis is less costly for start up business owners.  It is good to have your virtual meetings and submission of deliverables mutually agreed schedule to avoid conflict.

You may also build a short list of your preferred part time VAs for specific tasks so you are not left alone with the chores, so to speak.  

Please take note that one VA cannot possibly do everything for you.  Some have specialized skills and some general skills.

What will it cost me to hire a VA?  

Chris Ducker, outsourcing entrepreneur expert, gives the current average monthly rate guide for a full time VA:

  • General Virtual Assistant $ 500 to $ 800
  • Article / Content Writer $ 500 to $ 700
  • SEO/Web Marketer VA $ 750 to $ 950
  • Web Developer $ 800 to 4 1400

How do I communicate and work with my VA?

Identify your preferred communication tools such as Email, Slack, Instant Messenger, Zoom meetings, Google Hangouts, etc.

List down important information to be shared with images/diagrams or screenshots as guide

  1. Email Address, Mobile Number
  2. Website, Facebook Page
  3. Sharing Calendars
  4. Login Information on online systems, if applicable
  5. Time zone based schedules for online meetings and submission of deliverables
  6. Detailed Task List and clear instructions on deliverables and deadlines
  7. Open channels of communication to confer on queries and clarifications
  8. Details on how fees are paid to VA with timekeeping reference
  9. Contract preparation and conforme
  10. Discuss business, expectations and rules

Where do I find my VA?

If you want to start building your online team, please visit Great Work Online, where outsourcing is made simple.  A team you can trust

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