Outsourcing is a growing industry and an accepted business practice.

Despite the trend, there are entrepreneurs who are still unsure if they need to outsource.

Are you one of them?  Perhaps, you just need to get the lowdown

This blog may give the insight you may need on how to outsource effectively.

Outsourcing is a business strategy. It’s specific and simple.

You get to hire a virtual assistant or a remote team to do a specific job for you, for a specific period of time, and for a fixed amount.

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Here are 10 practical tips to guide you outsource effectively:

    1. Set your Project Purpose
      Have an accurate description of your project.  Include all necessary details like objectives, project requirements, specific tasks to complete project vs timeline, schedule of completion, expectations and fall back plans.This will give your virtual assistant or remote team an overview of the project and what is expected from them.
    2. Be prudent about choosing an outsourcing partner.
      When hiring an employee, you go through references, check qualifications and conduct an interview. The same thing applies to choosing a potential virtual assistant or outsourcing partner.
      Ask questions about their capabilities. Ask for feedback from their clients.  Be upfront with your concerns before assigning them the project.
    3. Test your potential outsourcing partner.Even if you’ve reviewed a virtual assistants’ portfolio and asked for feedback from their client, it is good idea to get a sample of their work.Test their skill and qualifications by assigning a simple project.   However, be prepared to compensate them fairly, especially for completing a job that you can use in your business.
    4. Keep in mind that it isn’t all about cost.Cost shouldn’t be the only determining factor in choosing a virtual assistant. Outsourcing effectively also means finding the right candidate who offers great value and quality service.
    5. Experience is a “must have”.
      Outsource a virtual assistant with proven experience in your line of work.If the task is highly specialized or technical, hire an expert for that specific field.
    6. Begin with small projects.Once you start working with your virtual assistant, assign small tasks or projects first.The moment you are sure your outsourcing partner is capable, start assigning more difficult or critical projects.
    7. Negotiate ownership of project at the onset.Both parties must reach an understanding on the terms of use of deliverables and on accountability.Copyright or ownership of created work or service must be clear from the beginning to avoid legal hassles, especially if re-selling is involved.
    8. Schedule milestones and corresponding payments.
      Aside from clearly defining scope of work, include a timeline where progress payments are tied in.This will help in meeting deadlines and standards.
    9. Document everything.Ensure that all agreements are documented, for easy reference and as a supporting document.All relevant details, changes or modifications to instructions should be written down, as they can come in handy.This especially holds true for on-line conversations.
    10. Ask for support availability.Getting technical support after a project is completed must be specified. Include a continuing support or warranty clause in your agreement with your remote team or virtual assistant to maximize your investment.

Outsourcing effectively can save you time, money and help you grow the business.


Outsourcing isn’t a perfect business strategy.  

It can also be a bit of a challenge, especially if you attempt to handle this on your own.

The right outsourcing provider can help you outsource effectively.  

They offer solutions to help you save time and effort, so you can focus on running your business.

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