Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the recruitment process in hiring a VA?

Our recruitment process takes 7 – 14 days. It can take a little longer or shorter, depending on your requirements, qualifications and the experience level of the VA that you are looking for. It is BEST to spend a few more days extra to find you your perfect match.

How can you help me Hire a VA?

Simple, just book a consult with Pam and she will guide you through our process.

How can you ensure the Quality of the VA?

We follow a process which involves, filtering of candidates, preliminary testing and interviewing before you meet the VA for your own interviewing and / or testing to help you with hiring. We make sure we only send you candidates that match your requirements.

Can I hire multiple VA's?

Yes, you can. You just need to inform us during your discovery call with Pam on how many you VAs need and what your requirements and qualifications are.

What if the VA dont know the tasks?

VAs are not a mind reader. Just like any employee in a physical office they need training. You must know that in each area of a business there is a learning curve. Spend time to train your VA especially if this is a new task that you what her/ him to take on after hiring. Give all the necessary information and be detailed with your instructions.

What if I'm unhappy with the service of the VA I hired?

If it has been less than a month, we can provide you a 2nd batch of candidates to review and hire, free of charge. If you’re still unhappy with the 2nd VA you hired after a month and you want to replace the VA you will need to sign up for the service again.

Can I cancel the service anytime?

No. You have a month to stay in the program as stated in your agreement. If you don’t want to continue the service after a month you need to notify us 10 days before.

How many hours can a VA work?

It actually depends how much help you need in a day but the minimum hours we require is 2 to 3 hours a day as a start. You can always increase hours as you see fit

Can I hire a part time VA?

Yes you can though we require a minimum of 2 to 3 hours a day.

What is the working timezone of the VA?

It depends on you. If the tasks for the VA require her/ him to be online at the same timezone as you then we can find you a VA that is OK with it but this will require a bit higher rate than the normal rate. Because this means the VA will be working on a graveyard shift (VA’s night time while it is your day time).

What is the VA’s hourly rate?

It depends on your skill requirements. A general VA can range from $7USD to $10USD. A more complex tasks or projects like making phone calls and working on your timezone could range from $12USD to $15USD.

How much do I need to spend before I can start working with a VA?

A consultation fee of $30USD for a 30 minute discovery call with Pam.

A processing fee of $280USD but we will wave off the $30USD if you proceed with the hiring process after the discovery call.

Do I really need to book a consult with Pam and do the discovery call?

If this is your first time to hire a VA then we highly recommend that you book a consult with Pam so she can assess your needs and help you properly outline the tasks that you can delegate to a VA. But if you already have a remote team workers and would like to expand your team we still suggest that you book a call with Pam so we can have a better understanding of what you’re looking for in a VA.

What are the tools needed?

If you are using some tools on your own like for project management and chat/ call communication, you can use those though we require to onboard you in some of our tools for easy monitoring like time tracking and chat tools. You can check out our top 8 tools that we highly recommend using :

Can VA take a leave of absence?

Like any other employee, a VA also deserves to have a break and recharge. So we recommend that you give your VA the benefit of taking a leave but there should be a 2 week notice so you can prepare and the VA can organize her tasks before her/ his leave.

Do I need to give a bonus?

This is not mandatory. It really depends on you but if you are happy with the VA’s performance and you think the VA deserves it then by all means give it to them. Just inform Pam and she will direct you on what to do next.

How do I pay my VA?

Pam will send you Paypal monthly invoice.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We do not have an affiliate program as of right now.

Do you offer a referral fee?

Yes we do. You can email Pam at and inquire about it.